Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What is a Green Car?

Green cars come in all shapes and sizes and can consume any number of fuel types. A green car is, simply put, any car that is less damaging to the
environment than a standard vehicle. At we consider any car that uses less fuel and uses it more efficiently, or a car that
consumes alternative energy, like electricity, as green cars.


Which car rental agencies work with

Booking a car at is easy! Each car rental company is listed right in the search results to help you make the most informed choice
possible when selecting your green rental vehicle.


Why can't I see the car's exact make and model?


Unlike most car rental booking sites that partner with every company under the sun, curates our partners, which allows us to
guarantee most makes and models. However, partners update their fleets and local franchises may carry different makes or models - meaning the vehicle
pictured in search may not be an exact match, but it will as close as science allows.


What types of vehicles can I rent through makes it easy to find and book green and high MPG vehicles in all shapes and sizes. Vehicle categories include: economy,
compact, midsize, standard, full-size, premium, luxury, SUVs, and Sprint passenger vans.


As with most car rental bookings, the exact make and model of car cannot be selected when you make your booking on Each car
rental agency carries different makes and models within each car type, and they are continually updating their fleets.


How can I select the right size or type of car for my needs? provides all the information for you to make the best rental decision. Our search results include: passenger and luggage
capacity, fuel efficiency, and even vehicle options like transmission type and air conditioning.


Why aren't there any cars available for my trip?


Vehicle availability can vary based on your destination and the time of year - particularly during peak travel time like weekends and holidays.


Increase your odds of finding a vehicle by changing your search parameters. Cast a wider net by modifying your pick-up and drop-off times - small
tweaks really can have a large impact on availability.


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