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With over 2 million rental cars to choose from today, it's hard to find a rental car that is both affordable AND fuel
efficient. GreenCarRentals.com makes it easy to search and book cars and vans that are great for the environment
and your bottom line. We are the only booking engine to partner with leading rental agencies to bring you the best
deals on green rental cars.




Most people think a green car has to be powered by electricity and only have two seats. There couldn't be anything
farther from the truth. Green cars come in all shapes and sizes and can consume any number of fuel types. A green
car is, simply put, any car that is less damaging to the environment than a standard vehicle. At GreenCarRentals.com
we consider any car that uses less fuel and uses it more efficiently, or a car that consumes alternative energy,
like electricity, as green cars.




There two reasons at the top of list: save money, save money, save money.


1. Fuel is a major factor in determining the actual cost of renting a car. The fluctuation in price doesn't help to predict
those costs either. Eliminate the needless stress of fuel costs by renting a fuel efficient vehicle. The less you pay at
the pump, whether you're on business or vacation, means more money to spend on important things.

2. Cars damage the environment through their toxic emissions, which is a direct result of their fuel consumption.
The number one way to reduce those emissions is to use less fuel or use an alternative fuel to prevent those emissions
in the first place. Preventative measure save us money from having to fixes things later on - like the environment,
which you have to agree seems pretty expensive to fix.




Search for yourself and checkout how cheap renting a car can be and feel good about doing it.


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